1. The online art gallery ART-PROFILE (called the gallery) is establish and managed by the company Art-profile Sp. z o.o., the firm’s headquaters:15-232 Bialystok, Mickiewicza street 46A/13; Tax Identification Number: 527-23-47-602; Corporation Tax: 017167586; The Country’s Judicial Register: 0000195939.
  2. The core business of the gallery is presenting artworks online, creating commission artworks and various commission handcrafts, and finally selling all works of art presented by our gallery by the Internet.
  3. The gallery is accessible at www.art-profile.com , www.art-profile.pl , www.tenk.pl
  4. The gallery is available in many language versions such as: Polish, English, German, Spanish and Russian.
  5. We are entitled to change this policy form by removing or adding new language versions.


  1. Our services are available only to individuals who can form legally buying and selling contracts under applicable law. If you are under the age of 18, you can not place an order on our site.
  2. The order may be ordered twenty-four hours a day by filling in our form on the site.
  3. The order may be placed in any language version provided by our site.
  4. The order will be accepted after the customer fills in all form fields correctly, these include:
    • Copyright information
    • Detailed info about the content of a shopping cart
    • A choice of the country of delivery
    • A choice of the service of delivery
    • A form of your billing information and a postal address specified by you (if it is different than a billing info)
    • A choice of the method of payment with the possibility of paying by the Internet.
  5. Upon receipt of an email with your order, we will contact you by sending an email containing information:
    • Info about a payment confirmation
    • Detailed info about the transaction
    • The gallery bank account.
  6. By ordering, you expressly accept our Policy Form and conclude a formal contract between you and the gallery.


  1. In order to purchase the chosen artwork, you need to fill in all form fields correctly and select the method of payment.
  2. In the case, a data is unreal or uncertain, the gallery may not accept the commission and require further information.
  3. The purchase will be delivered to any of the addresses specified by you: the billing address or your postal address.
  4. In Poland, we employ services of such transportation companies, as: the Internet and Polish Post Office. Some of the products may be delivered by the Internet. We distribute our goods by the Internet and Polish Post Office all around the world.
  5. Terminy i koszty dostarczenia zamówieñ s¹ uzale¿niony od rodzaju wybranego zamówienia oraz od sposobu i miejsca jego dostarczenia i wyliczane w oparciu o cenniki Poczty Polskiej.
  6. A delivery of your purchase will take two working days plus a period required by transportation companies.
  7. The time of individual order is provided for each order separately plus a period required by transportation companies.
  8. Under unavoidable circumstances, a commission artwork may be delayed and the gallery is entitled to inform a customer about it.


  1. All the prices are gross ones and include tax. The price you will be charged is the amount of money on the day you submit your order.
  2. The prices are given in Polish zlotych (PLN), euros (EUR), US dollars (USD), pound sterling (GBP) and count according to the Polish National Bank exchange rate.
  3. The major currency of the gallery is Polish zloty (PLN).
  4. A commission payment introduced in different currencies will be count according to the Polish National Bank exchange rate.
  5. A method of payment will be accepted by the gallery according to a type of commission and the delivery address
  6. Methods of commission payment in Poland:
    On delivery - pay in cash by the Polish Post Office.
    Money transfer - directly to the gallery bank account. 
  7. The methods of payment outside Poland:
    Money transfer - directly to the gallery bank account.
  8. The methods of payment – all the orders made ON-LINE and delivered by the Internet:
    Money transfer - directly to the gallery bank account.


  1. As the law stands-March the 2nd 2000 (Dz.U.00.22.271) if a customer is not satisfied with his purchase and choose to return it, he is entitled to write an renouncement application within ten days of its original ship date.
  2. The renouncement right requires the purchase to be returned in its original packaging in the original condition, with a written renouncement application.
  3. The renouncement is available if the purchase was not used, copied or damaged.
  4. A purchaser must contact the gallery to inform about a renouncement and he is responsible for making sure that an artwork is returned to the gallery. The customer is entitled to cover all shipping costs.
  5. The gallery will not pay for all delivery costs.
  6. The refund will be transferred to a specified bank account or on delivery within 21 days of its original ship date. The refund will cover the price paid minus all delivery costs.


  1. Personal information that you choose to provide voluntarily may be used only to sell a product or to accept a commission artwork. They are protected by Privacy Policy. As a matter of the Privacy Policy, we do not sell or rent any of your personal information to third parties for their marketing purposes without your explicit consent. We offer you the ability to review and change the information you submit to us.
  2. All content on this site, including artworks, commission artworks are the property of the gallery and are copyright protected.
  3. The purchasers may not copy, reproduce, modify or use the materials on this site for any other purposes unless they obtain a written permission from the artist.
  4. The content on this site may be used to distribute or reproduce only after a written agreement with the author of artworks.
  5. All the materials on this site, including all artworks and various commission artworks, can not be use against the third parties and their laws.
  6. As a customer, you are responsible for all actions taken as a result of sharing your purchase with the third party.


  1. The customer accepts that the colour of an artwork presented on our site may be varied with the reality by numerous factors outside of our control.
  2. All matters at issue will be settled out of court. If an agreement is not possible, the issue will be solved by a court.