ART-PROFILE Sp. z o.o. (Ltd) was established as an art company in Warsaw, in year 2000 and was managed successfully there till 2004.
In 2004 the firm was moved to Bialystok. After the major reorganization, the initial capital has been increased and the range of services and projects have been broaden.

Our professional and long experience in a printing industry is combined with a remarkable artistic gift. As a result, we have created many new images of different products, for example: distinctive labels or new packagings of any goods. We have collaborated with firms such as:
Polmos Sieradz „vodka SIERADZKA” (a label), „VIP vodka” (a label, a packaging)
Polmos Lodz „vodka LE¦NA” (a label), „gold vodka PREZYDENT” export to the USA (a label)
Belvedere grupe „vodka SOBIESKI” (a label), „vodka ZAWISZA CZARNY” (a bottle, a label)
W.W.W. Koneser „vodka KONESER” (a packaging)

We have provided a professional design counselling connected with packaging and label projects for companies such as:
Rodnik Russia „vodka RODNIK” (a label), „vodka SAMARSKAJA” (a label), „vodka TRIUMFALNAJA” (a label), „vodka VORONIE¯” (a label)
LWZ Lviv Ukraine „vodka LVIV” (a label), „vodka KAROL GALICYNSKIJ” (a label)

Besides, our company actively participates in close cooperations with different firms to share our creative and outstanding abilities. 
We are honoured to collaborate with companies such as: NISSAN Poland, HBO Poland, ERICSSON, POLFA Grodzisk, FIKOLAND, CARREFOUR Poland, SCHWARZ PHARMA, FARGOTEX, AMGEN Poland, EMPER YACHT, CITIBANK, MP Nidzice, SCHERING-PLOUGH, Hotel MAZURKAS and many others.


The ART-PROFILE Gallery opened the official website on the Internet in 2005: 

The main aim of the gallery online is promoting magnificent and high-quality artworks of all art styles and directions. Our priority is to provide the most comfortable and fast services to our customers, therefore our site is available in many language versions such as: Polish, English, German, Spanish and Russian.


The Firm’s name: ART-PROFILE Sp. z o.o.
The Firm’s headquarters: ul. Mickiewicza 46A / 13, 15-232 Bialystok, Poland
The Art studio: ul. Sienkiewicza 90 / 19, 15-005 Bialystok, Poland

Tax Identification Number: 527-23-47-602
Corporation Tax: 017167586
The Country’s Judicial Register: 0000195939 

The Management: Konstantin Teptev

Phone  +48 858739966
Mobile  +48 605129987

The Bank Account: ING Bank
Nr IBAN: PL 74105018231000002243284771